How To Make Fridge Magnets
How To Make Fridge Magnets

How To Make Fridge Magnets At Home? (Step By Step!)

Hey there arts & crafts friend!

Have you ever admired those fun, customized fridge magnets and wondered if you could make your own?

Well I’ve got some good news for you – with a Cricut machine, it’s totally doable!

I stumbled onto a cool Reddit thread where a user named u/tradstickydesign shared the fridge magnets they made using their Cricut Explore Air 2.

And let me tell ya, they were pretty dang cute!

How To Make Fridge Magnets
Image Credits: tradstickydesign

That charming little duck magnet made me desperately want to try this project out for myself.

So in this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to make fridge magnets with that nifty Cricut machine of yours. 

I’ll break down all the materials and steps so you can whip up a batch of Insta-worthy magnets in no time!

How To Make Fridge Magnets At Home

Here is a step-by-step guide to making fridge magnets

1. Gather Your Materials

First things first, these are the supplies you’ll need:

image 10
Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Cricut machine – Explore Air 2 or Maker will both do the trick
  • Cricut tools – standard grip mat, deep cut blade
  • Adhesive magnet sheets – X-bet sheets from Amazon seem to be the way to go
  • Printable vinyl or sticker paper – for your designs
  • Laminate sheets or glossy clear tape
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That’s the gist of what you’ll need. Now let’s get into designing…

2. Time For Some Cricut Design Magic

When it comes to creating your magnet designs, the possibilities are endless!

A user on the same thread said:

“I need to learn to do this they’re ace!!” – u/adeleysandwich27


You can make:

  • Personalized names
  • Fun shapes
  • Snappy quotes
  • Photos of family & friends
  • Pop culture references
  • Anything that makes you happy!

Use Cricut Design Space to layout your graphics. Make sure images and text are sized appropriately and that you leave room for the laminate edging later.

Pro Tip: Printable vinyl and sticker sheets come in standard dimensions like 8.5” x 11”. Keep your designs within those parameters to avoid waste.

3. Printing & Laminating

Alright, you’ve got cute designs ready to go – wahoo! Now it’s time to:

  1. Print them out on your printable vinyl or sticker paper
  2. Neatly trim around the edges
  3. Apply laminate sheets or glossy tape to protect the designs

This laminating step seals the vinyl/sticker “topping” and prevents any curling issues when applying the magnet backing.

A user asked:

“Do you print onto the magnet sheet?” – u/6hooks

Nope! You’ll print on the vinyl/sticker sheets first then attach magnet backing afterwards.

4. Attaching Magnets

We’re in the home stretch! To apply magnets:

  1. Place your Cricut mat on a flat surface
  2. Lay down your adhesive magnet sheet (sticky side up)
  3. Remove backing paper to expose adhesive
  4. Carefully align your printed design on the magnet sheet
  5. Use your Cricut machine to cut out the shapes
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Cricut SettingsOption
BladeDeep Point

The deep point blade will slice through both the printable vinyl topping and the magnet backing for a perfect cut!

5. Display Your Fridge Magnets

Hooray, you’ve officially made boutique-quality magnets with your Cricut! Give yourself a round of applause! 👏

Now comes the best part – flaunting your crafty creations on the fridge or magnetic board!

“I like them all, but the duck is my favorite :)” – u/goldilocksmermaid

Use them to:

  • Organize grocery lists
  • Post inspiring quotes
  • Show off the fam
  • Remind kids of chores
  • Or just make yourself smile!

However you use them…enjoy adding a personal DIY touch to your home with these custom magnets!

So tell me…are you ready to try making magnets with your Cricut after reading this?

Any themes, designs, or customization ideas sparking your interest?

Let me know in the comments!

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are handy solutions for common Cricut magnet issues:

Problem: Printing quality is faded/blurry on vinyl

Solution: Check your printer color settings match the vinyl sheets. Clean print heads for optimal ink flow.

Problem: Vinyl not cutting all the way through

Solution: Replace Cricut blade, increase machine pressure, go slower.

Problem: Magnets feel flimsy or edges lift

Solution: Ensure full adhesive contact. Consider adding another top laminate layer.

Some Fridge Magnet Organization Ideas From Reddit

Here are some beautiful fridge magnet ideas from Reddit, image credit goes to their respective owners.

Fridge Magnet Organization
Fridge Magnet Organization Idea by IkBenAnders
Pixelated Fridge magnets
Cute Pixelated Fridge Magnets by Hallucinogenic_Bread
Kids Fridge Magnets
Reddi User hongolini
Cute Little Magnet
Reddit User tradstickydesign

Final Thoughts

Whelp, that covers everything you need to start homemade magnet-making! Before we part ways, here’s a high-level view of the process:

  1. Design cute magnet graphics in Cricut
  2. Print designs on vinyl/sticker sheets
  3. Laminate to protect
  4. Align on magnet adhesive sheets
  5. Cut shapes with Cricut machine
  6. Stick on fridge…boom!
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I hope this guide got your creative juices flowing to design your own photo magnets, artsy magnets, funny magnets…you name it!

Let your unique style and interests shine through. The awesome thing about DIY Cricut projects is that you get to put a personal spin on household items.

So magnetize your life and never settle for boring ol’ refrigerator doors again! 😉 Happy crafting!

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