How To Remove Logo From Shirt

How to Remove Logo from Shirt (9 Best Methods!)

Sick of those dated company polos or hypebeast shirts from high school still taking up precious closet space?

We all have old t-shirts with logos or designs we no longer love.

But before you banish them to the thrift store, have you considered simply removing the logos?

With the right techniques, you can actually take out printed designs, embroidered patches, and other graphics to give your shirts new life.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through some easy, foolproof methods for how to remove logo from shirt without damaging the fabric.

Whether you want understated solid tees for a minimalist wardrobe makeover or just can’t look at that old Ed Hardy shirt anymore, you’ll learn safe DIY solutions tailored to different application types.

So grab those forgotten promo shirts and let’s talk about how to finally get rid of logos for good!

Let’s go over some tried and true techniques for removing logos based on how they were originally applied.

Taking Out Screen Printed Logos

Screen printing uses stencils and ink to imprint designs directly onto fabric.

The ink bonds tightly with the fibers, which is why screen-printed shirts tend to hold up well wash after wash. Removing screen printing requires breaking down those bonds.

Method 1. Use Rubbing Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover

One of the simplest methods is using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. These contain acetone, which dissolves the ink’s binding agents.

  • Step 1: Soak a cotton ball thoroughly in rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Acetone-free remover won’t have the same effect.
  • Step 2: Gently rub the cotton ball over the screen-printed image. Apply light pressure and rub in small circles.
  • Step 3: Check periodically and reapply remover as needed. Multiple applications may be required to fully dissolve thick ink deposits.
  • Step 4: Rinse with water and wash as usual once logo is removed.

While highly effective on most fabrics, test first, as acetone can potentially cause discoloration. Start by rubbing a hidden area inside the garment.

Method 2. Make a Baking Soda and Water Paste

For a more gradual approach, make a paste from baking soda and water. The light abrasive texture lifts ink without chemicals.

This harmless paste shouldn’t damage fabrics, but always spot-test first. The abrasion can cause pilling on delicate fabrics like wool.

Removing Embroidery Logos

Embroidery uses threaded stitches to sew logos and designs into fabric.

While screen printing lies flat on the surface, embroidery integrates right into the shirt fibers for maximum durability.

Removing embroidery requires meticulous work to cut or pick out the threads. Take care not to snip the fabric underneath.

Method 1. Carefully Cut with Scissors

For small embroidered logos and patches, carefully snip around the edge with sharp scissors. Apply the following tips:

  • Use small, pointed embroidery scissors. The sharp points allow controlled snipping around delicate edges.
  • Cut as close to threads as possible. Remove any remnants by grasping with tweezers and pulling gently.
  • Go slowly and check progress. Make sure no stray threads remain. Be cautious not to cut into the shirt itself.

Scissors work best on light embroidery. Removing dense, overlapping stitches can damage the material underneath.

Method 2. Pick Out Stitches with a Seam Ripper

A seam ripper with its sharp, curved blade can remove threads from even heavy embroidery. Carefully follow these steps:

  • Position the seam ripper blade under an edge of stitching. Angle the blade to lift threads up and away from shirt fabric.
  • Pull gently to snip threads and loosen embroidery.
  • Lift any remaining threads with tweezers. Avoid pulling; grasp threads close to the fabric and lift carefully.
  • Work slowly around edges first. Removing inner threads may cause the logo to hole or unravel.

The narrow seam ripper allows surgical precision around the embroidery. Take your time and be gentle on delicate fabrics.

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Taking Off Glued-On Logos and Patches

Some sports teams and clothing brands glue pre-made logos onto garments. While permanently adhered, glued patches can be removed by weakening the glue.

Method: Use a Hot Iron

Turn up an iron to a cotton or linen setting. Place a thin cloth or towel over the logo to protect the fabric. Then:

  • Position iron over cloth and hold for 5-10 seconds.
  • Lift and reposition, heating another section. Work slowly around the entire logo.
  • Check after 1-2 minutes. Heat weakens the bonding agent in fabric glue.
  • Slide a small metal spatula under the layer of the logo once loosened. Apply gentle upward force as you lift and peel.
  • Use tweezers to remove any remnants. Pull gently to avoid damaging threads.
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Take care not to scorch the fabric; keep the iron moving. This method works on vinyl and plastic logos too. Frequent pauses help control the heat.

Removing Heat Transfers

Heat transfers use a special polymer ink that bonds to fabric when heat and pressure are applied. An industrial heat press permanently adheres the printed design.

Removing heat transfer logos and prints also requires controlled, strategic application of heat.

Method: Use a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

Turning localized heat on the design helps loosen the bonding agent just enough to peel it off effectively.

  • Set heat gun/dryer to warm/low setting only. High heat can scorch fabric.
  • Apply heat slowly in circular motions. Move constantly to avoid burning material.
  • Check periodically by lifting an edge. Stop when the design begins peeling easily.
  • Lift with tweezers and gently pull up. Go slow to minimize shirt damage underneath.

Take your time warming the logo. Avoid holding the heat source in one spot too long. Test hair dryers on a low, cool setting first.

Taking Out Sublimated Logos

Sublimation printing uses dyed polymer ink and high pressure to infuse designs into fabric.

The ink bonds with the material at a molecular level, making it part of the shirt. Removing sublimation prints requires breaking those bonds.

Method 1: Try Rubbing Alcohol

As with screen printing, rubbing alcohol’s acetone can dissolve the polymer ink’s adhesion to the fibers:

  • Soak a cotton pad and rub over design.
  • Check periodically and reapply as needed. Acetone evaporates fast, so frequent reapplication helps.
  • Rinse with water once print is removed.

Too much scrubbing or concentrated acetone risks damage, so spot test first. Use 70% isopropyl alcohol and scrub gently.

Method 2: Use Sunlight and Lemon Juice

For a non-toxic approach, harness the natural bleaching power of lemon juice and sunlight. The citric acid and UV light break dye bonds over time.

  • Liberally apply fresh lemon juice to the logo. Use a whole lemon half for maximum juice.
  • Place the shirt in direct sunlight. Choose a hot, bright day for best results.
  • Check after a few hours. Reapply lemon juice every hour or so.
  • Rinse thoroughly once the logo fades.

This all-natural method is safe for most fabrics. But sunlight can damage delicate materials, so spot test first.

Method 3: Try Bleach (White Shirts Only)

As a last resort for white cotton/polyester blends, dilute some bleach and apply sparingly to the logo:

  • Mix 1 part bleach to 4 parts water. Start very diluted to avoid discoloration.
  • Use an old toothbrush to work into fabric. Scrub gently in circles.
  • Rinse immediately once logo fades. Prolonged exposure damages material.

Never use bleach on colored shirts.

And spot test somewhere unseen to check for discoloration.

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Avoid Damaging Fabric When Removing Logos

It pays to be cautious when attempting to remove logos and designs from clothing. Here are some key mistakes to avoid:

  • Don’t use harsh scrubbing. It can damage fabric, especially delicate materials like silk.
  • Avoid excess heat. Too much concentrated heat from irons or heat tools can scorch, melt, or burn material.
  • Don’t over-apply chemicals. Bleach and acetone can discolor, stain, or weaken fabrics if overused.
  • Don’t pull or cut into fabric. Removing stitches or glued on patches takes a gentle touch to not tear material.
  • Always spot test first. Try any removal method in an inconspicuous area before tackling the actual logo.

With careful, strategic technique, you can safely remove logos from shirts and apparel. Just take your time and test before attempting removal on any visible areas.

FAQ – How to Remove Logo from Shirt

Can you remove a graphic from a T-shirt?

For sure, you can definitely remove graphics, logos, and all kinds of prints from t-shirts! It just takes using the right technique based on how the design was applied in the first place.
If it’s a screen printed graphic, try gently rubbing some nail polish remover on it with a cotton ball.

That’ll help break down the ink so you can wash the rest away. For heat press stuff, just use a hair dryer to warm it up until the edges start peeling – it’ll lift right off.

Sublimated designs you can fade by dabbing rubbing alcohol or lemon juice and sunlight over time. And embroidered logos require some careful stitch removal with tweezers or small scissors.

The key is to go slowly and use gentle rubbing, heating, or picking motions based on the application method. And always test on a hidden spot first, just to be safe! But with the right technique, you can rock that graphic-free tee in no time.

How do you remove lettering from a shirt?

Letterings could be removed using the same methods as we have discussed about logos.

So based on how the letters are printed on your garment, you need to choose the right method.

How do you cover up logos on clothes?

Here are some easy ways to camouflage pesky logos on clothes:

Iron-on patches – Find cool embroidered patches and iron them right over the logo. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs these days.

Fabric paint – Get creative and paint right over that logo with fabric paint in fun colors and patterns. Let dry fully.

Buttons – Strategically place some decorative buttons around the logo to disguise it. Go wild with colors and sizes!

Embellishments – Try gluing on rhinestones, studs or ribbons with fabric glue to hide the logo. The sparklier, the better!

Stitching – Sew zig-zag stitches or an ‘X’ over the logo with some bold colored thread to make it disappear.

You can get super creative turning that logo into a work of art! And test out materials first on a small spot just to be safe for the fabric. With the right camouflage, no one will know it’s even there.


Removing unwanted logos or designs from clothing opens up creative possibilities for renewing old pieces in your wardrobe.

With the right methods, you can successfully take out screen printed, embroidered, and heat transferred logos without damaging your garments.

Always do a spot test before applying any chemicals or heat.

Gentle scrubbing, precision cutting, and strategic heat application helps lift even stubborn designs. So give those tired company polos and band tees new life with some simple logo removal techniques.

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